Friday, November 4, 2011


Dehydrated, bleary eyed, fuzzy head – how can people say that airports are great places to blog? I am in transit having just arrived from the Seychelles whale shark season. Not only do I feel woolly from the traveling but I do so in my mood too. How can one not feel a tad blue when leaving a place like Seychelles? Why, just yesterday Dirk and I where cavorting with two lovely ladies on an isolated rock surrounded by the picturesque turquois and granitic panorama so typical of Seychelles. (OK, cavorting is not the right word really ;) but the fact is Julia, Leah, Dirk and I played on this giant rock and the world’s biggest pool like teenagers in the sun. We jumped of the high spot, flopped in acrobatic high dives, (OK, I did!) did multiple swim through’s under over-hanging submerged rocks and laughed just like kids.

Just like kids.

What fun we had…

Leah and Julia - Dirk is in the water.

You will excuse me for feeling, bleary eyed, fuzzy headed and blue for a bit…

But just for a bit.

Wish I was there!


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