Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 6 of hang gliding training - Ephert

I wonder if I need to say much about today? Here is a link of Tracey's flight today. :)

But I think I should mention a young boy named Ephert. I met Ephert a year or so ago on our Wilderness common. The friendly smiling face of this young man was easy to befriend and every time I landed in the park, Ephert would come racing along on his bike - his smile very visible from a long way away.

"Ek het oom gesien kom land!" he would say, out of breath but very excited and we would start to chat. Inevitably I promised Ephert that one day I would take him flying and gave him my number.

It turned out that Ephert was just a seasonal visitor, from upcountry - every holiday his family would come visit grandma and it was during these times that I would bump into Ephert. Of course just yesterday he text me, "Hallo oom. Dis Ephert. Ek is hier. Kan ons gaan vlieg?" (Hallo unlce. Its me Ephert. I'm here. Can we go fly?)

And so it happened that Ephert joined Tracey and me on the dunes this afternoon. Ephert went tandem with me plus he even flew solo down the dune - his light weight easily lifted by the big Condor training glider.

It was easy to see that this event made his day. But then again, for Tracey and I, he made our day too.

This is Ephert, lunging for the bar!

Wish you where here!

Ephert, flying solo all the way from the green dune in the background!

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