Sunday, August 30, 2009

Windy Sunday.

It is Sunday the 30th. I have just had my own church service at home so to speak. Nothing like quiet time with our God! (Considering the type of flying I am doing that is rather wise. :-) The wind has been very strong so there is no feeling of loss as far as flying is concerned. On Monday when one and all are back at work we can try sort out our security clearances (Late Friday afternoon I got an email from SCAA with our flight clearance number - clearance for the whole survey period) This was of course rather ironic - being given permission to fly but not having been given personal passes to be able to enter the airport areas!
David (Dr Rowat) is arriving back today from a symposium in Reunion. He has been quite busy with seminars and chats about latest discoveries of whale sharks which are most interesting indeed! I will in the coming weeks divulge some of the more interesting bits of these on the blog, so watch this space.

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