Sunday, January 31, 2010

The real flying has started...

9 Feb
This morning I got good news. Our application to use the hangar has been approved by the military. This means we can now use the MCSS’s trike to help with getting some of the crew valuable airtime. If we did not get it it would have meant rigging and derigging everyday or at every bit of rain that came our way – a huge pain. So we are very relieved.

Yesterday Mike and I did some more flying. I was pilot in command and did a couple of water landings. It was quite a treat. Imagine flying around tropical paradise islands, water that is crystal clear and then landing just about anywhere you want. Of course we do look out for the flattest and calmest parts of the water.

The day before yesterday we managed to fly to the west side, to where the SOS ship is anchored. We have been trying to get in there for the last 5 days but the weather has not been great. Rain and then of course the wind has been off shore on that side producing bad turbulence. Even then it was not ideal with the wind easterly coming over the mountains at a 45 degree angle making the rotor turbulence not too bad. The wind was also just 5 knots. Even so it was bumpy but I let Mike take over controls – his experience with water landings being just right for the conditions. We rolled onto the beach and lo and behold two beautiful ladies arrived to have a look at the new plane. Later Mike took the ladies for a flight and I got to chatting a bit with one of them - turns out to be Vanessa Haywood from District 9 fame. She too was nice and really down to earth. Both Vanessa and Cindy were these balls of joy – happy and energetic.

As for today, the weather once again is threatening - rain falling near the airport and it looks as though the wind has swung a bit to the west. That means some turbulence on the runway side. Lets hope it stays light.

Till later!



  1. Are you trying to make us all jealous of this amazing life you are living right now?! Fly safe. xxx

  2. Yes! :-) Just enough for you to join me... ;)

  3. Haha... I'm SO tempted you have no idea! Maybe next time :)