Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are off to Seychelles again!

Well, somehow the ether out there has gobbled up my posts! Twice now the connectioon failed while saving and well.., its all gone it seems. To be honest I have always been under the impression that the posts were there! O well.

News is that I am leaving this Sunday (31st) for Seychelles. This trip is a short one but it seems like it will make up for that by being exciting. The SOSF ship has docked and the amphib is there. My guess is we will do the conversion first and then start to orientate the crew (A few want to learn to fly) So it will be two weeks of hard work no doubt.

As of just a week ago I was still unsure of whether I was on my way or not. However, things all fell into place at the last moment - something that seems to be normal with large organisations - last minute rushing! (not my kind of thing though! ;)

So its off on a new adventure. Off for some more blog entries so watch this space!

O, and yes, the short story book is on sale - let me know and I will get you one. (Every pilot should have one!)

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