Monday, August 9, 2010

Snow on the NZ mountains...!

I have 5 min to post this! Need to rush! ;) I am in NZ and trying to tie up loose ends for the up coming whale shark season in Seychelles. Tricky when internet connectivety is intermittend! I can tell you guys one thing though - I sure am lookiing forward to the warmth of the tropics after this visit past down under!

We have had the ussual roler coaster ride with gettign things organised for the whale shark season. one has to wonder what it is about the human race that can make life so difficult for themselves. It leaves me speachless to be honest. Simple things just needs to be made a big deal - people cant just do what they said they were going to do. Do you experience the same? I have no doubt you do. Of course I see the devil at work in all these things! ;)

Anyway, we are just about there with the organising of everything. A few minor (perhaps major but it depends how you look at it) still needs to be ironed out but I am sure it will come through.

Now I know I have just written like a politician. Wrote a lot of words but said nothing! No details... (Devils is int he details...) I will let you know a bit later. just not yet. Dont want ot annoy people at this stage of the game! ;)

Anyway, my internet time is up. Got to go!

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