Friday, August 27, 2010

We are here but still with red eyes...

And red eye it was – or still is... It is Monday night and we are all hanging out in the lounge after a long day. Laura, Gareth, Neil and I. Each with a book, laptop, iPhone. Own thoughts. Own ideas of the day and tomorrow. We are all knackered. Neil and I more so since we have had hardly any sleep from last nights flight. We have pushed through though and will have sweep sleep tonight. In spite of the dogs – that are already barking – and the three blonds from upstairs, who’s music and chats are youthfully piercing the tropical night. Thank God we are tired…

Today Neil and I have done some good PR work. After the introduction to the new interns, including happy hugs from last years in-turns now turned group leaders, neil and I managed to get our flying show on the road. Visits to Airtel – reactivating the mobile, then Frankie from Air port security for the nec permits and permission to enter the appropriate gates and access to the airport grounds, Chatting to Donn about hangar permission and then, the real problem for the season. Visiting IDC and Peter. We need to ask Peter to do the AP inspection on our plane. He was not there so will give him a call. Person to person is so much better.
Afterwards we had a great chat and coffee with Glynis and David at their house. Got odds and ends of the plane – radios, intercoms, new prop blades etc. (Tom we will sort through all this.) We finished the day with a pizza at Baobab but would you believe they had no chilies!? This was almost sacrilege. But we endured and in the end it was the local brew, Seybrew that helped to finish the evening.

Old friends that shared the evening included Abi and Caiera. So it was a bit of a reunion…
Its lekker to be back!
Wish you were here! (Really!:)

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