Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wilderness for hang gliding is number one.

Training and learning to fly a hang glider in these conditions is so easy. It has made life for a hang glider pilot an absolute pleasure. Months and even years of hard sweat and slogging it out are done in a matter of days and progress in the art of hang gliding is made easy. To learn to fly a hang glider, there is only one place - Wilderness. (Maybe the school and guidance has something to do with it too... ;) A few pics of the flying today at Gerrickes. Once again there was not a dangler in sight. Oh such sweet pleasure..!

This is Jeremy having a blast at our famous super-up-rocket-no-ways-going-down-Gerrickes point. Pics just after launch with Pete and myself as wiremen looking on (up!) in envy! (Anthoni is just out of view - he was one of the wiremen).

And later the rewards of classic Gerrickes flying for hang gliders - soaring above the orographic cloud with views second to none... In the back ground you can see Anthoni Divaris on his Wills Wing Sport2. To think that Jeremy was right up there and that after just 8 days of training. This place rocks! :))))

Wish you where here! :)

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