Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wilderness. Pure hang gliding pleasure...

This is a pic of Jeremy enjoying himself over the Kaaimans river mouth.

I bet this must be getting a bit borring - another day in perfect Wilderness (Paradise!) But I am compelled to share. ;) We had a session on the training dunes first where Brett had another couple of runs in the hang glider (he is def starting to get the feel for this thing). Then the South Easter started to push hard and I was worried that it might get too strong at the Map for the other two enterpret pilots, so we left early. Of course I needn’t have worried. The Map was perfect – not a dangler in sight – and it remained so all day. :)

Devon and Jeremy where up for it and soon they were climbing in the good lift. They pigged out on the great conditions having skies all to themselves. They did multiple runs to over the Wilderness village. After an hour they had enough and both did perfect landings on the beach. It really is so easy to get ample airtime around here…

Jeremy turning over our landing area..

Wish you where here! :)

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