Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tense Moments

Things are tensing up - not because the South Africans lost to Pakistan in the 20/20 cricket but the fact that our microlight is stuck at customs. For the last 3 weeks. And it still needs to get to the factory for the much needed repairs after last years wipe out. Yes folks, we have not been advertising the story (since it actually is going to make a good second book ;-) but after thousands of hours of flying we did prang the little orange plane. Thankfully other than a broken little finger and hurt pride I walked away just fine. (Of course I wont give away the story here! ;-)

But we need to get our plane cleared (customs is tricky since it is for re-exporting) so we can get it back to Seychelles and ready for the season. Anybody have contacts at customs? :-)

Just two and a half months to go and it is tropical Island and whale shark time!

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