Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th July 2009 - Its here!

Finally customs cleared our little orange plane (the undercarriage part) and it is in the factory busy with the needed repairs and maintenance. We too are getting things ready, starting to think about little odds and ends. One would think that after doing it for so many years it would be easy! Truth is I have been doing much work on my own personal little plane in our coastal village of Wilderness. In this aviation industry (all aviation for that matter) maintenance plays a bigger role than the actual flying. Of course the difference is it is good peace of mind to fly something that you know YOU checked out as apposed to some other supposedly trained person. As many pilots tell their AME's, "I will pay you as long as you come do the first flight with me!" ;)

But time is getting all the more closer to the start of the new whale shark season and I know there are many other people out there getting just as excited. (Who knows how many interns we will be getting this year?) Of course, new faces bring new challenges but also the chance for making new and lasting friends.

Chat later!


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  1. Hey Johan

    Nice to see this! Please keep in touch re the book, would love to give it a punt on my outdoor report!

    Jeff A.