Monday, September 14, 2009

*th Sep and still more wind...

8th Sep...
Its windy, really windy. Today the mean is just over 20k while at 2000ft it is 30k. It is very obviously not a flying day. I am at home while the interns have all just left headed for the south of the island. (As Abi remarked, it is one big holiday this!) They are going site seeing and since they are all using the truck (Nissan double cab) it is a bit crowded. I opted to stay (Have seen the south of the island many times so to me it is no big deal).
A few days have past and I have slowly started to get to know them a bit better. I must say, they are a great bunch of people. Tori, (petite little lady) has an extremely dry sense of humor and many times I have had to really control myself from laughing too much. I often wonder if she is completely aware just how funny she is but the twinkle in her eye and wry smile on more than one occasion has made me realise she is with it way more than we realise!
Ciara is adorable. With her freckles, fair skin and red hair she epitomizes the Irish (Irish name!) but makes no bones about the fact that she is not! (she has an UK passport but was born in Egypt). Seemingly always keen for a party yet, perhaps underneath it all, more at home having quite time with friends.
Abi is your proverbial blue eyed blond with an open love affair with food - freely admitting her fondness of vitamins and calories all mixed into seductive flavours. Of course I know there is way more behind her pretty face than the facade of "love food". She is really pretty and I like her a lot.
What can I say about Dominique? Perhaps that there is some lucky guy out there named Mark! Dominique is beautiful. Well groomed is a good word that comes to mind yet she is sincere and unpretentious. And would you believe she wants to make Giraffes her life's work!
John is totally open to new ideas but reserved until there is sufficient evidence before embracing new truths. Young, fit and strong (he goes for a run every now and then) he seems well organised, looking after himself. O, and he loves Manta rays!
Gareth is a man on a mission. He is the only one with a marine orientated goal for the season and because of our lack of getting contact with the large spotted fishies seems to be getting more serious by the day. (Just about his work though!) He is a great supporter of rugby and we enjoyed the tri-nations between the Auzies and Boks over the weekend.
Truthfully, they are a splendid bunch of people leaving nothing not to be liked.
I hope they are all going to have a great time down on the south. With lots of sun and wind to cool you down there is no doubt they are going to come back sun burnt and sore. But hey! After all we are on a tropical island right! ;-)
Wish you were here!

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