Monday, September 14, 2009

We fly!

This is Tori snd I enjoying the calm air...

Finally we can fly! The winds have gone and in its place we find sharks. Lots of sharks. It is no surprise that David decides the trip down to the South of the Island is worth it. (The base is in the North in Beau Vallon bay with a 15 - 20 mile boat ride to get to the south of the island). I get to spend a few hours of circling round and round the South Western area while counting sharks and directing the boat onto some of them. The interns are delighted and I get a kind of hero's welcome at the end of the day. (O, the perks in the beginning! ;-) Of course I know that it is all in the spirit of things but soon it will become old hat and just another day at work.
The sharks hang around and they dive on 7 different individuals having 12 encounters. I count 14 different sharks while spotting more, these I can not be sure of whether they are double counts or not. At one stage 4 sharks were on the surface near the boat. Of course though no record for us, it is still good to see them in some numbers.

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