Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coco nuts and dogs

Spot the rabid dog...
23 September 2010

Today I went for a walk to the internet café. I had been brooding about updating my websites and finally decided to pay the exorbitant browsing fees these old age internet shops charge. (They are still on a time basis and not a data rate – which is made doubly frustrating because the connections are anything but fast. (No such thing as broad band here).
I (or the webhosting site!) made a hash of things and ruined a whole hours’ worth of work. It was time to call it quits and retire to a more off line based web design package – one where I could take my time and not have to pay for it.

Well, the walk is what is quite cool. It is a short cut and you end up walking through the rural back yards past little homes on a little access footpath that winds its way down the hill towards the central part of the village. It is quite an experience. Steep in places (very steep!) that make you kind off catch your breath about slipping and falling, and every now and then you walk right by a back yard with a line full of washing. Invariably you lower your eyes in case they wander inadvertently into a kitchen or bedroom and see something private.

It was on the way back while brooding about the internet woes, that I got bitten by one of those stupid Seychelles dogs. They have a bad reputation let me tell you and I am no stranger to these temperamental dogs. Anyway, I got a good squeeze on my right calf and two neat holes where the long K-9 teeth sunk in. In a way it was my own stupidity and I am perhaps more peeved off with that than the fact that the dog bit me.

She was a black half breed of medium size and quite obviously breast feeding. She just jumped into the road out of nowhere and growled. It was a warning to me – I should have known her pups are nearby. Yet I kept on walking, ignoring the stupid animal thinking that I am not scared of dogs – also nothing wrong with that but my mistake was as I passed I looked away, just for a second or two and that’s when she took her chance. There was this sharp pain in my calf and before I could react she was gone, down the slope and out of reach. No amount of cursing from my side could undo the two blood seeping holes. And no amount of calling in any manner could get her to come back towards me (She knew what I had in mind!) Of course it is not her fault. I was supposed to be the intelligent animal and failed miserably.

Plastered up with Bactroban I should be ok but for my dented ego. What on earth beseeched me to turn my back on such an obvious dangerous animal – a breast feeding mother!?

Oh the woes of paradise!

Wish you were here!

PS: Neil had a fantastic days flying – light winds and he is stoked. We should get a pic from him soon too.

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