Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yellow coconuts...

There are a couple of bright yellow coconuts hanging from a tree outside our apartment. Though they have been there ever since we have moved into the apartment I only really noticed them from the comfort of my hammock. You would forgive me for saying that they have been on my mind and thankfully not on my head. You see, I have strung my hammock between the said coconut and a hefty jack-fruit tree and it was whilst lazing in my hammock that I looked up and noticed the bright yellow coconuts. Of course the first thought that crossed my mind was the fact that every year more people die of falling coconuts than shark attacks. Quite a ridiculous thought actually but it set my mind into action. I wondered too if most of these people were lazing in hammocks at the time of death. Of course it is authentic and traditional to string your hammock between coconut trees. In hindsight it was perhaps not the most intelligent of ideas but one can understand the temptation to use coconut trees given their usual idyllic locations. My trees too are strategically placed, offering a splendid view of the bright bay of Beau Vallon – the turquoise waters just adding that extra dimension to a session in the hammock.
I pondered too if hammocks were traditional to times of sailing – you know, in those old pirate ships, where below deck strings of hammocks with smelly, farty old sailors come to mind. Perhaps those same hammocks were strung between two coconut trees after a shipwreck and that was where the coconut-hammock tradition started.
A sudden gust made my hammock sway soothingly from side to side. The coconut tree however creaked ominously. In a quick scramble I made an about turn. It was an easy solution. By placing my head under the canopy of the jack-fruit my toes were left to ponder the notion of falling coconuts.

I’d say, a worthy sacrifice with this kind of view…

Wish you were here!
PS: We have had some good flying and great whale sharking. I spotted 42 whale sharks in one flight the other day! Not bad! :) Today is windy and rainy and tom looks like more of the same. It has been a slow day for all...

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