Friday, September 3, 2010


For more than twenty years teaching has been part of my life. Of course since most of that has been teaching pilots the art of hang gliding it will come as no surprise that my most favourite method is through a process we call self-discovery. Oh, I like other methods too but nothing quite equals that moment of eureka when your pupil suddenly gets it – with just a bit of your guidance he had worked it out for himself – and you as the tutor can relax for a moment.

Neil of course is not new to flying but I have been showing him the ropes to our air survey program and have answered the usual questions as he is getting used to the flying conditions around this Indian Ocean tropical island of ours. It can be very demanding at times. After his morning solo flight around Mah̩ I was looking forward to catching a snooze while he goes out for his second solo of guiding the boat onto the whale sharks. He had already done two of those flights with me and was fully capable of doing it on his own. Of course it was then that David advised that he had two boats going out. Now directing two boats at the same time can be a different ball game and putting my ideas of an afternoon nap aside I thought it better to go with him. You know. Just in case. So sitting in the advisory back seat position I settled in for the three hour flight. Neil soon got the hang of it though and I relaxed a bit, finding the time to have a snack Рa chocolate to be exact. (On these long flights I often take a chocolate bar or two). And later when things were quieter still, I hooked my feet over the foot rests and snoozed.

Imagine that.

Oh, and would you believe, it was actually quite comfortable too…

Eureka! Wish you were here..!

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