Wednesday, September 14, 2011

14 September 2011 We are flying

Reef Rash! I thought before I get to the really nice pics, let me get the ugly ones out of the way. ;) This is me after having paid my dues - I got bounced off the reef on my first surf this season. It was a combination of being rusty and then going out onto a really fast wave breaking on a shallow reef. It is all healed so we are good to go again. ;)

Now, the best news is, were flying! Well, I assume you would realise that since I did not do any blog yesterday. But first, let me tell you about today.

I was wondering what to write about. Of course it is a tropical island and you would think, what is there not write about but finding that something special to share with you is not always that easy. I ordered a cup of coffee and sat down at the airport cafeteria while these thoughts were milling around my head when I spotted a beautiful lady. Of course I kept an eye on her, just enjoying Gods creation in all sincerity. She had long straight black hair, matching thick rimmed spectacles giving her an educated look, white blouse that revealed just enough, tight fitting jeans with black medium healed laced sandals – those that seem to wrap around your feet and then wind their way up around open ankles to a spot somewhere in your imagination as they disappeared under the boot leg denim. Then her boyfriend joined her – not that it changed anything. I was still admiring her, thinking that some woman, are really just born classy. She had a long French loaf in her hand and while the two of them ordered coffee she broke a quartered size piece off the bread and before I could blink stuffed the whole chunk into her lovely little mouth. She couldn’t even close it but she chewed, white French loaf parts sticking out from both corners. I chuckled of course, knowing that not even I could or would do that. In my culture it is considered rude and would that not just be common-sense? What kind of lady would do that? I stopped wondering pretty quickly.

Yesterday afternoon I sent Dirk on his first solo flight around the island. I spent enough time with him so that he could get used to lay of the island, names of important places and the general procedure of flying with the local air-traffic controllers – which is a wonderful story of its own, one which had me in stitches a few times to say the least. But while helping Dirk prep for his solo flight, which at that stage he had no idea he was doing – one always keeps these solo jaunts a secret until the very last moment when just before start up you quickly slip off the back seat, smile and say, “enjoy your flight”! At that point there is no turning back and very little time left for the newbie to fret or worry about the idea of flying alone and they just do it. Of course Dirk was no beginner but like I said his radio work with the local controllers were something else and he liked the back-up company in the rear seat. Needles, as I slipped of the back seat with my customary solo smile – which had the same effect on Dirk, I looked forward to an hour or two of relaxing while Dirk started to earn his keep. Well, by the time he landed I came to the startling realisation that it was much more relaxing for me to fly with him than me being on the ground and worrying if he is doing ok!

Responsibility is quite something. And it seems to be getting more the older I get. Obviously it has a direct bearing on my work – as a hang gliding and micro-lighting instructor but I could not help think that perhaps my awareness of this sort of thing had grown a bit more ever since I had taken over as youth leader in our church. I definitely could not recall being so concerned with anyone flying solo since I can remember.

This morning I took Susie up for the survey flight with me. Dirk was with us but I wanted him to do more solo stuff, until he is more settled. Susie and I did not see any sharks but because of the many days lost due to bad weather we are sending out the boat in any event. David is rolling the dice so to speak – playing the odds of us finding a shark out there given that we spend sufficient time in the air. I certainly hope it works. The interesting thing is that I sent Dirk up there on his own again – he is learning and this makes it easier for me. In another few days we should be settling into a routine of one day on and one day off and that is my idea of island style work. I can’t wait.

Wish you were here!

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