Sunday, September 4, 2011

4 Sep 2011

Just a quick update to say our new pilot Dirk has arrived early this morning. I kind of threw him into the deep end - he had just done a midnight flight from South Africa and still bleary eyed, before he really knew what was going on I had him in the back seat of our little orange plane while we did a survey of the South West coast of the island. The irony was that Dirk managed to spot our only whale shark for the flight, bleary eyed and all! :) He was quite happy to say the least.

The afternoon we spend fitting a new sail to our aircraft - the old one had done its time and a replacement was in order. It actually is a lot of work! We are really tired, heading off for a pizza at our local beach sand pizzeria and I am sure the sleep tonight is going to be really good.

Wish you were here!


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