Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 Sep 2011

Dirk and I have been flying everyday - long hours and a very steep learning curve for him. The greatest challenge for him is becoming comfortable with the slight Creole/french accents of the air traffic controllers in Seychelles. It is actually quite comical. On most of their calls I see Dirk throwing his hands up in the air before I hear the comment, "Ek kan glad nie hoor wat se hy nie!" which basically means what on earth is he saying!? But it works the other way too. Dirk's answers make me smile while the ATC guys come back with short abrupt responses of, "You are unreadable, please say again!" :)))

We found 4 whale sharks this afternoon while the weather around us was starting to look pretty ominous. We cancelled a boat load of people in the morning for fear of the predicted rain but it transpired into a great afternoon, even if it was just the luck of the draw that we had a nice big gap in the weather to make a flight. The few people that where able to get onto the boat were very happy indeed! We left them with one shark after they had been swimming with it for 15min already (Later they said, they got tired and left the shark! :)

Just before we got to the office to down load the days data, Dirk and I stopped at one of the beaches, enjoyed a Saybrew while watching the sunset. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Wish you where here!

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