Monday, April 16, 2012

cold air...

Philip after a great day...

One of the cause and effect results of all the hot air is that of cooling down. We did not have too much rain from this cold front (though from all the ‘hot air’ it seemed like it was going to be a mighty big one!) but what we did get was a bout of cool summer flying conditions. Sunday was a peach of a soaring day. The wind was SSW and strong, too strong for all the PG’s pilots (but for the most experienced ones) and perfect for hang gliding – if only the hang gliders where around. Where were you guys?

Philip on his first soaring flight at the Map of Africa.

I got Philip used to some strong wind flying with a couple of loooong glides from the dunes to the beach below. And then today. Ah… Another peach. Philip pigged out with 5 flights from the Map with a total of 2hrs and 30min airtime. He did very well and is super stoked. No doubt he will sleep well tonight!

Philip flying well above the paragliders...

Wilderness is really a super place to learn to hang glide.

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