Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hot air...

I am sitting on my wooden deck – a solitary seat, just me and the forest, (which is a point out of hand about the whole idea of solitary I guess!). Every now and then the northwester scurries through the lodge trees (and my hair!) like a natural blow drier. (I could have made full use of it if only I had washed my hair!). But this warm wind brings with it its own character, its own mood and it is anything but cold. It’s hot and so too it seems with some of the recent events in life (and the world!) Like the Honduras according to Avaaz, with their proposed new law making the morning-after-pill contraception illegal – transgressors looking at jail time (including those that presicribed or supplied them) even if taken after a rape incident. What about the mentally impaired incidences? Don’t these people think?

Like this hot wind it all just blows me away.

I am frequently distracted by the view by the way – it’s hard not to! I am looking at the north-westerly gusts hitting the ocean causing white-capped ripples to race out to sea – a great example of cause and effect. Still, I am amazed at the kind of people that are out there and even worse, that they are the ones that seem to be making all the decisions for the rest of us on how to live our lives.

Scary? Well, it should be.

Of course that is our world and for one reason or the other God has seen it fit to function that way.



You know, you are absolutely right. In no way did God see this world fit to function as it is. But we certainly did. We have been charged to look after it. The blame rests entirely upon us – our shoulders. It is our ability to act on free will that has made this world what it is – not God. Case in point, the holocaust – which so many people use as an excuse to say that there is no God. (It’s funny how those who claim this are exactly the ones who do not know God at all, which explains their misguided understanding. But what really bites them in the butt is that they must believe that it is man that allows those atrocities to happen, not God!?) The truth is, it is our ability to act on free will, which has made this world what it is – not God.

Are you not bewildered at what man is capable off!?

I am.

It’s not just hot air this…

Philip managed to do one more high flight off the Map – we snuck in early just before these north-westerly winds took over.

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