Thursday, April 19, 2012

More cool weather

Well, after my hot air post, I have had some interesting emails. At least I know that people read my stuff and take note. All in good spirits of course. :) But I just can’t help myself – I love talking about God. And He has indeed blessed us with great flying weather this week. Philip has been having an absolute ball - which reminds me, Philip said the secret of a rain dance is all about timing!

We have had two days of perfect south-easterly winds and again for today and predicted once more for tomorrow too. For a hang gliding instructor this is almost heaven on earth. At the moment the wind is very light but my guess is it will pick up and by lunchtime it will be good business.

I will post a great pic of his flying later today but right now I have to run – I have a neck massage appointment in half an hour. :)

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