Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The end of the 2009 season...

So the end of our season has come and gone – so too all the interns. (I can’t say enough about how very special this group was). Actually, John and Abi are still at the house, al l the rest have gone their separate ways. It is just one of those Island things. You meet the greatest of people and have such a great time while underlying you know goodbye is not far away and chances are you will never see them again. It’s a tough lesson in life.

The whale sharks decided to do the goodbye thing a week earlier by the looks of things. We did not manage to get up in the air much for the last week – we were plagued by rain and bad winds. (The winds were from the south west on those days that it did not rain making the flying very unpleasant (See previous post on flying in these kinds of winds!) For the times we did get in the air we did not see any whale sharks. It was little consolation for not going out with the boats but it was something. The best part probably was the end of season party. As usual David out done himself with food (he is not just a Whale Shark fundi but can handle a kitchen knife pretty well!) The themes went along Halloween (of course) but spiced up with a nerd look to go with that. Tori made mince meat out of that one, no doubt winning the nerd department hands down. However, over all I think it was between David, who donned a white see through suit with a authentic world war two fighter pilot goggle and leather hood and then Abi who looked like a cat - a leopard cat. She had this oh so very sexy leopard suit and seemed to revel in the love cats department - a hands down winner by me!

I am sitting in the La Digue Island lodge. It is pretty lux and pretty expensive! We decided to splash out a bit, just for four days, living the life.., well, imagining it anyway! ;) I have many photographs but lack the editing facilities on this little tour laptop to make them small enough for the blog. Sorry. I will post them as soon as I can though. Don’t forget to look!

Wish you were here!