Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3 March

We are home. Who could have thought there could be such meaning in such a simple phrase. Lying in my own bed it felt more than a home coming - it felt as if I have arrived. That place we all seem to be searching for, what ever it might be for you or me for that matter - that it is a specific place is irrelevant. The importance is in being in that zone where one can feel it in your soul that you have arrived. Arrived after searching for all your life. There is such comfort in that feeling. Perhaps there are some out there that know what I am talking about.

The adventure of living on a ship, flying over what can only be described as breath taking scenery everyday for a month is over. As is usual the hardships are forgotten and what remains are the good stuff. The pleasant memories that makes one want to return and do it all again. We did have great success. For Fred, John and Mick their flying adventures have really just begun as they embark, now unsupervised, on filling their bags with experience. This is were the real flying starts and we wish them lots of extra luck. (Remember that bag of luck story? The aim being to finish your flying career before your bag of luck runs out..?:) Other than the flying I can already say I miss Evelyn's cooking and Maria's friendly smile, doing laundry while the smell of softener lingers around your nose. For a bachelor like me that was a special treat...

The flight back home was another story. But I am here and already having dipped into our cold ocean with a spot of kite boarding. Needless, today I am sore and stiff from the exercise - def became even more unfit during the month on the ship but it is a step in the right direction.

Strangely, on this Wednesday I am filled with a sense of urgency to work. How strange...