Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whale Shark season 2013

Fourty days...

I guess after months of inactivity on my blog it is time to restart the creative writing machine - not that I see myself as a creative writing machine - heavens no! Just that I liken my writing prows to that of an old mechanical machine - the old nuts and bolts type - that needs to be thoroughly warmed up before it can function. As to how well it functions I relegate to just that; functioning by producing some words on paper. It certainly does not compare to today's modern gizmos of electronic gadgetry, sprouting forth beautiful poetry, grammatical correct and content rich essays and stories at the push of a button. Heavens no, it has taken me some time to push these mechanical buttons of mine, which I have noticed definitely do have a mechanical nature - I had to push really hard to get it going! But that I got it going of some sorts as the sight of these letter proof, I did.

All I wanted to say is: Our whale shark season 2013 has dawned. The count down has begun (Even if its a bit late!)