Monday, December 7, 2009

Its December and what now?

So the question begs. Whats up now that the whale shark season has come and gone? It is beginning December and normally this time of year we are busy with hang gliding training here in Wilderness but this year is different. Why? Well, during the past whale shark season I met the Executive Director of the Save Our Seas Foundation and was made a great and enviable offer (yes, it does happen sometimes! :-) It turns out they are receiving a new microlight with floats and I will be helping out with the flying when they are more occupied with research and filming on new projects. The first assignment was for this December from the 20th till just into the new year - which took care of my summer season. To cut a long story short, after cancelling some hang gliding students, the SOS ship got delayed in South America and they are only scheduled to arrive in Seychelles beginning of January 2010! Big bummer but such is life!

Of course we are now trying to cover things for December which is surprisingly difficult when not given enough lead time. It is raining at the moment - very desperately needed around here! It has given me time to catch up on admin, including finishing my short story book. Of course I highly recommend it to one and all. It is called "Wings and Things". Distinctly South African, all short stories about adventures around my home town - about flying and of course other things we encounter often in life. It is humorous and clever, the perfect bedside book to unwind, have a chuckle before closing your eyes for sweet sleep. ;-)

Let me know if you want one. For a very small fee I will post it to you! Its well worth it!

Enjoy the festive season!