Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It is done...

The season is over. It is finished. It is done. I am relieved.

Yesterday Joe helped to pack up the plane. We worked until way after 6 in the evening. Earlier that morning I was faced with the decision of flying or not. As usual it was a difficult decision with border line conditions but in the end my sanity prevailed. The wind direction placed the runway in the lee of the mountains and the risk of flying (I thought!) was just too much. Of course the day was beautiful - warm, sunny with the popular spots having very calm and protected winds. But for those that were clued up, you'd notice a dramatic change in the wind direction. Some beaches were off shore when they were usually side shore - others were now side shore, noticeably at the MCSS office.

While Joe and I worked some strange winds came through which made the wing dance and jump. "I sure am glad to be on the ground!" I mentioned to Joe. Later still when we were done I got this nice pic. It was a lenticular - they are very rare in Seychelles but it was a beaut. Right above the runway. It made my day and confirmed that I made the right choice. It was the best thing to admire the cloud from the safety of the ground. (My flying friends will know exactly what this cloud represents!:)

Today is tying up all the lose ends but not before I am going to lie on the beach and read...

Wish you were here!