Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good weather and risk

This morning Neil left with a surprise on his hands. The flying he is about to experience will be of the best he has ever done. The sea, if it can be called the sea for it is so calm a baby could float on it. (Have no idea where that came from! But you get the idea :)
Yesterday I had a taste of it with the wind steadily decreasing from 5 mph in the morning to zero that afternoon. Many would say this can hardly be called work. But it is. Much of my work constitutes the stress of flying innocent people (OK, they have agreed to get onto the back seat voluntarily so that can hardly be called innocent) however, I know most people are completely un aware of the risks, even if you explain it to them. Of course, I am. This is my work – the stress and worry of ‘what if things go wrong..?’

I flew two dear ladies this week – they loved it like there was no tomorrow. (Now there is some truth in that statement I tell you!) But these were the kind of ladies that I knew would be useless if anything should go wrong. Like landing in the sea. It would be game over for them. Of course we fly out over the sea for most of the time…

But the enchantments of tropical waters, the magical colours that seduce even the most ardent and steadfast adventurer is triumphant once again. It is so impossible not to be lured into the tranquil beauty that it is a sin not to make use of the moments. Going lower for some high speed flying resembles that of a speedboat skimming along the water. Just better.

Oh magical indeed!

Wish you were here!

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