Monday, October 25, 2010

We reach for the chocolate...

This is Kathryn sizing up some comfort food....

“Quick! Somebody give me chocolate and no one will get hurt.” Of course the magical properties of chocolate have been a delicious topic over the ages. And while modern science has proved beyond doubt that there is absolutely no magical ingredient in coco to explain the enhancement we feel when eating this elixir-come- aphrodisiac-feel-good delicacy, chocolate debates (and the act of eating it) continue.

Of course, with the extreme lack of whale sharks (note extreme) this kind of indulgence is not just customary but mandatory. It comes at the best of times too. The fact that the whale sharks seem to have made an early departure for this year has been playing on our psyche’s and frustrations. Every day boat loads of people have to be turned away. Painstaking explanations are given to appease customers, as if the words, ‘sorry, there are no more whale sharks around…’, could be construed as if it is a commodity and the shop has run out of stock. Surely with just a bit more planning and better management…

October is the start of the rainy season (Well, a bit more rain than in the other months really) and in previous years us pilots have always had some reprieve from flying on those rainy days. (It was most frustrating since we knew the sharks were out there but the weather was not allowing us to get onto them). This October however, there is a drought. Rain fall is down 70% compared to the average for the month and the met office expects this trend to continue. We have been able to fly every single day but ironically the sharks are nowhere to be found. And while we can’t blame anyone but changing climates and global warming, there is certain expectancy for the magical abilities of pilots to find some whale sharks – though subtle, the pressure is always on us.

Of course, I find solace the traditional way. Who cares about whale sharks if you can have that!?

Wish you were here!

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