Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shark news...

Yesterday was a cracker of a day. The winds were down to less than 5knots. Few Clouds and a slight sea. The best part was that the sharks turned up in some numbers. 8 for the afternoon of which a few ended up being real friendly - many dives were made with the same shark and people could look and look. (I have to say that the flight was actually quite turbulent. The wind though light was east and this put me right off shore into the thermal trigger zone. My flying buddies will now what that means!)

One of the interns is a young gun, David. Fit and strong he is very into free diving and just the other day he had quite a remarkable experience. Diving down to 60ft he was hanging motionless in the blue - no bottom in sight, no surface in sight, when he got this sense that he was being watched. Looking around he noticed this long thin body and realised it must be a marlin or something. Not moving, it slowly glided closer at witch time David took a few stroke closer. Right at this moment the fish raised its extra large dorsal fin. A Magnificent sail fish! He had been down for quite some time and still had a long way to go back to the surface so could not hang out for much longer. Heeding the warning of the large sailfish not to come any closer he gently made his way up to the light. He was pretty stoked that day.

Neil, is flying today and the wind is up a bit more and still from the east. The whole west coast should be turbulent and I advised him to fly high... Will hear later how it went.

Wish you were here!


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