Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What about the sharks...

Here is a pic of a big whale shark next to the boat. The boat is ten meters long...

I have been very secretive about the sharks this season. (Actually, I have been quite silent when it comes to most of our groups doing for the most part). But after an initial boom period of sharks during September the beginnings of October has seen some slow days. The sharks have been few and far between for the last week. Most days we have sighted 1 or two in the mornings and then have multiple encounters on just two sharks for the afternoon. It means that the tourists are still getting their share of swimming with the worlds biggest fish but it is hard work for the group. For Neil and I as pilots our eyes are not given much rest - we are constantly scanning the sea surface for any movement or suspicious shape to give away the presence of a whale shark.

On another note, one of the interns, Jenny is leaving us today. She has actually been one of the party animals, no that might be too wild a description, perhaps energetic and outgoing is better, of the group. She will be dearly missed I am sure. (she is doing her masters in the UK on shark matters...)

The weather has also been warm and sunny yet the winds have been wanting to go to the southwest. As I have explained the southwest winds are very turbulent around the runway and Neil and I have been flying very cautiously. It has actually been quite stressful. The actual direction has been between 180 to 200 degrees which is turbulent but manageable around the runway, however if it switched just 20 degrees more we would be in trouble. The air around the runway becomes that of a washing machine. It has been difficult to relax knowing that the wind could change, (unlikely but it could!). It has made us ponder if it is worth the risk on many a time...

Still, we have not been having those windless calm days. That is something to look forward to!

Wish you were here!


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