Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday - the 13th!

Well at least it is not Friday! ;) (But there is something about the 13th ... Can't quite put a finger on it…)
I must say. It has been a while since I have been this tired. There is no workbench so we are working on the floor. The bending onto your haunches and back up, walk to this part of the wing, then back again and so on – after a day of that you surely know about it.

David decided to take the day off – after all, he is only here to do the inspection not the work. (That’s my department.) I am working very meticulously – one needs to if you are going to fly over the ocean. It means progress is a bit on the slow side. Still, today I managed new fuel filter, hoses, stripped and cleaned the carburettors, did the gearbox oil, washed the air-filters, replaced a few rusty bolts and nuts and just some general cleaning. I guess it is something…

It was good to see Donn too – Donn, or at least, Captain Donn Du Preeze is in charge of the Air-wing. It is thanks to his (and his superiors!) generosity that we are able to conduct the air-survey parts of the whale shark program. The SCAA accommodate us too, not just with flight permission but by waiving landing fees also. (One would think that a micro-light has just about zero impact on the large tarred runway but they sure do not think so in SA.  In our local town airport, George, after I decided to visit a friend in one of the large airport hangars, I had the airport official track me down in no time with his receipt book to get my details and cash of course! ;)

We are staying in a luxury apartment for now – only because our little wooden apartment is still being prepared. I have been there once – while they were still building – and it seemed a bit dark and hot. It is in a recessed wall so not much of a breeze gets in there. But that’s for tomorrow; right now I am heading for the couch, with a beer while watching a movie on this large flat screen TV on the wall…

Wish you were here!
It just remembered about the 13th… It’s my dad’s birthday! And it is a biggy too!  S-e-v-e-n-t-y! Cool!
Happy birthday dad! I wish I was there! :))))

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