Thursday, August 23, 2012

Observational Operational

I made our first complete clockwise survey of Mahe today – I think that qualifies as being fully operational? There were no sharks. My eyes scoured the ocean, fine-combing all the usual hotspots and even those that are not, for these large placid creatures. Of course, to me it was just business as usual except for one thing – being acutely aware of this beautiful life I am living. For some reason I was placed here, deserving or not (Not!) and am living this real life dream. (How much of that has to do with attitude!?)

A few days ago I made an interesting observation on Facebook – how events that happen to friends can/should change your perspective of life. This certainly is no unqualified statement. Something huge happened to me too which changed everything. But before I digress into that event (and believe me I can and love to do so), let me just mention in a nutshell some of these recent events – perhaps you will understand more the reason behind the words of my pen.

I mentioned in a previous post that one friend was in for brain surgery (twice!) just from sudden migraines while the other is on the way to being airlifted to South Africa from a bacterial skin infection. Another is not sure if she is running to something or away from it. Yet another awaits an important operation. Then there is the on-going issue of the infamous lady-slipper-throne (Yes, the dental floss trick did not work) which highlighted the underappreciated privilege of having a loo in a house. And then finding the perspective one gets from being suspended in a Dacron-deckchair at ten-thousand feet after making the jump from such a lowly position (Jump John Carter jump! – or was that Virginia?). Throw in a remarkable movie called – Life in a day – and the words to describe these emotions flee from me.
If your life and perspective are not being changed or challenged everyday then you are not where you should be.

OK, got to go. My little orange plane is waiting..!

Wish you were here!

The lay of the runway - we land in the taxi loop.

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