Tuesday, August 21, 2012


20Aug2012 - Our wings being prepared in our great hanger.
It’s lunch time. Of course I am thinking of lunch – peanut butter sandwiches to be precise, we are on a budget – but for the moment I feel the need to communicate. (By definition it means you need to write back! :) The south east winds are doing its thing, 20knots gusting 32, meaning I get to catch up on all the other odds and ends that needs taking care of – like finding a new battery for our pick-up. Ever since we arrived it has laboured to start the car – a Nissan diesel 4x4. During the day, when in use it starts but after a nightly layover the battery seems to have lost some of its charge. Every morning we have to resort to interesting tricks to get her started.

It is not much different with people. Our batteries often run flat. Those with some life experience know exactly what I am talking about. We often find ourselves in need of some charge – anything to give us that boost to keep going.

A friend of mine is lying here in Seychelles hospital. It has been her annual holiday and for the past week (plus one coming!) she has spent her time in bed, on a drip and very-very ill. Outside is paradise. Inside is, well…
At home another friend is in ICU- after complaining of a migraine. We are praying for her too.

Is the fact that I have no headache and can walk outside and enjoy paradise not enough to charge my batteries? Sure is when you look at it that way isn’t it. And that’s one of the tricks to life.


Yesterday, the interns walked to the beach when a large coconut decided it was its time to give over to gravity. It was a glancing blow off Josephine’s shoulder leaving just a bruise yet our minds have been blown away by the gravity of the incident. What if..?


You bet ya! :)

Wish you were here!

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