Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are we stationary?

Did you know that whale sharks never stop swimming? Really? Not! ;) They often stop and remain stationary while "sucking" (or is that "slurping"!) away on a thin layer of plankton. The most common of these happens when a very shallow layer of plankton is concentrated on the surface of the water and the whale sharks find it most efficient to hang vertically in the water while their lips and mouths are just a few inches away from the surface. They would feed like this in ideal conditions for more than an hour without moving! :-)

While we are hoping that Guy will still be joining us I have some interest from a few other likely candidates. Most likely we will give preference to those that have previous experience with us. David Daniel, who was our pilot for half the season in 2008 has expressed some interest. So its not like we are completely destitute! ;) Whether Guy or David I have not doubt the season will be a good one!

So have you booked your place yet? Don't miss out!


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