Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things are heating up!

Well! Just about a month to go and Guy decides to pull out. I must say we are not a happy bunch with that move. Guy is one of our best pilots and we were relying on him for this years aerial support. Seems like he is too in love! ;-) His reason for not making it - too much of a sacrifice to stay away from his beloved Aurilee. Guy met Aurilee two years ago while in Seychelles as our survey pilot. The two are obviously still going strong. Good for them!

Of course the game is not over just yet. Guy said he is still willing to come provided Aurilee gets a job too. (If she can go with then he will go - logical hey!) Perhaps the magic will happen, perhaps not. Either way we are now on the hunt for another pilot to help with the season. If you have the qualifications then get in touch with me. Send your CV to Who knows? Your dream might come true!

Till later!

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