Sunday, July 26, 2009

Only 36 days to go!

Hey! 36 days only? Of course this is not strictly true. It is not like the whale sharks are keeping a diary! You may arrive even earlier of you wish and find lots of sharks to dive on. Of course without aerial support that is extremely unlikely…

Back here in Wilderness (my home town) I have been doing some flying. In fact I have been doing some great flying and to be honest it is not without good reason that I have gravitated to this little coastal village. It is good here. Real good. Today I had another great day.

Last week we had some snow falls on the higher peaks. (Boy it was cold!) but of course the idea came to mind that I could sneak up there for a solitary peak at the snow! Why not? Of course the weather is a huge limiting factor – with big mountains, clouds and strong winds around it was a combination fit for hot chocolate and TV! This morning though I got my chance. Right after church I raced up to my little strip and got ready. Two days had passed and unfortunately most of the snow had melted but I was going up there anyway!

The views were breathtaking. In the far distance the mighty Swart berg mountains were completely covered in snow. They were of course much higher – rising to over 7000 ft asl. My goal was nearer and only at 5500ft. Still, with massive cliffs and a 10km breeze… Who am I kidding! The only thing fearful about the conditions was in my own mind! I managed to soar for a few minutes on the cliffs backing in the sunshine while snapping a few pics. Now all I need is the warmth of the tropics!

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