Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Believe it or not!

The truth is that I do not think highly of customs or any clearing agents. Given the very nature of their work there must be a propensity for making things more difficult for others. I almost want to say, " goes without saying!" Our little orange wings is still lying with the 'supposed' clearing agents after another three week stint of lying around those whatsenames warehouses. (Of course who do you think must pay for this 'storage'?) Does it ever help to argue with them? I would love to know if anybody has found the secret to speedy service from customs yet...

We seem to be having difficulty in finding a pilot willing to take of two months to join us on the whale sharks survey season. So far there are takers but only ones that can take off for one month at a time. If we do not find a suitable candidate I just might have to fly the whole season on my own. Like the good old days... Right! Still, it would be a great pity.

We have just passed the fourty days mark (on day 39 now!) and counting down!

Make sure you do not miss out...


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