Friday, October 30, 2009

27 October 2009

We have entered the last week of our program for 2009. Uncharacteristically the weather has turned against us too for this time of the year. A big trough has decided to hang around and the prediction for the next few days is rain. It does put a damper on things.
Today Sue and I drove to the airport while looking at the threatening clouds. It was raining to the north and the dark grey stuff to the south I hoped would be decaying. It was not to be. While at the hangar we prepared for flight but in the ten minutes we watched as the sky over developed. Then it started to rain. We waited for an hour and thirty minute before I drove her back to the airport. (I did invite her to come with for tomorrow – her husband is flying and I might just be able to take her for a short flight). David makes the call and cancels the boat trip. Many people are disappointed. For some it was there only chance…
By 2 I suddenly get a break and get in the air. We are kind of peafed off for canceling the boats but I don’t get even one shark on the flight. Maybe it was a good call. Then rain again later. Yea, the call was good. Everybody has got their fingers crossed for tomorrow…

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