Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calms before the storm...

We have entered the weather transition period – the South East monsoon is backing off for the North West. The weather is beautiful. This morning I was greeted by those inviting tropical calms as the ocean lay still and quiet. It is a great reflection of one’s mood – one and all are happy and there is a definite extra twist in the corners of smiles. I too am in a good mood and it is just not because of the good weather but also because the end is in sight. For many that is no reason to be happy about but it has been a long season for me – flying everyday has taken its toll. There is no doubt that I am looking forward to going home. Of course there is still ten days to go and in that many whale shark encounters no doubt! For the most, these are dream come true experiences and that is more than special I’d say.

To my surprise I met a couple that have been following my blog. (Checking up on it every day!) I must say I had no idea. There are 7 followers (officially) and well, I kind of have been going on those numbers thinking, oh it is not like I need to write every day kind of thing… Seems I have been very wrong. Still, I see no comments, no messages and no words of encouragement so to speak. If there are anymore readers who have been following my blog, how about a comment or two? Just to let me know it is not all going up into the ether out there… ;)

My evenings have mainly been spent resting. It has been unwind time and after days of hard work it comes as no surprise. Walking into my flat at around 7:30 to 8 most evenings (it has been 12 hour days for a while now) I find myself with no energy to do anything. I switch on my laptop while making a sandwich and a glass of milk then lie on my couch with my ear phones on (it keeps the barking dogs out of my head!) and watch a movie. I often fall asleep during this time and then just hit the sack. Strangely I keep thinking that I will do it tomorrow (whatever I have planned – like writing my blog!) only to come back the next night and feel the same way. My life back home is nothing like this – there is time for oneself and it has made me realize the value of being able to spend quality time with just you. It is highly under rated and I wonder how people can end up living like this. Remarkably I know many that do… (or would that be sadly?) Funnily enough, it is 8:45 in the evening and I have just enjoyed a brandy and coke – perhaps that is the reason why I am writing all this nonsense! ;) (At the same time I too can start to understand why people enjoy that ‘drink-after-work-or two’ kind of thing!)

Well, I am tired of sitting all day long so I think I will lie down on my couch and watch a movie.

Wish you were here!

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