Friday, October 30, 2009

30 October 2009

Latest update. Yesterday I managed to fly around the island and do a complete survey flight. Twice. Both times we found no sharks. The water is exceptionally clean with 25m plus visibility in most places – a sure indication that there is little food left for the sharks. It does help us by making us feel that at least we seemed to have not missed out on too much. The weather today is again rainy. Large cumulous congestus clouds fill the sky and over developments occur within minutes. The rain lingers for hours… It is grey and over cast when it clears – even so there are patches of rain in all four corners of the compass. (Is there such an expression? :) It is Friday afternoon and no flying. Tomorrow is the last day and the weather office has said it does not look promising. Everybody is disappointed and it just seems to be a bit of an anti climax…

At least we have a big Halloween Party going on for tomorrow night up at David’s house. :-)

Wish you were here!

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