Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seasoned familiarity...

I marvel at how familiar one can become with Mother Nature. It is raining and I find a deep rooted comfort in that. Not just the sound of the rain resonating through everything – even the bones in your body – no, I am talking about the intimate familiarity of it. A familiar phase you can only attain after spending a lot of time in her company. Perhaps I am fooling myself here in my description – it might be nothing of the sorts. Just contentment found after seasons of doing the same thing – a most wonderful perk if you have done something you love for that length of time.

Did I ever tell the story of crossing those white cottoned clouds with Maddy in the back seat? Like the comfort of years and seasons – I think a good descriptive word would be, seasoned familiarity – Maddy once again reiterated to me that nothing beats such an experience as in sharing it with a pretty woman. And believe me, I have flown my fair share in my time, and still marvel at being able to discover new intricacies of the fairer sex – they have such beauty if a man knows how and cares to look.

Maddy is 24, an age that I think back upon as an emotional and physical innocent time – perhaps fresh might be a better word – but to me it seems a great springboard to start life from. She is there I have to add, in that space of finding the right direction even if to her the road seems riddled with bumps and holes. Kind of like the air we were experiencing over those clouds. There is this mix of fear and excitement and beauty and awe – a cocktail of emotions that never fails to stir and lasts a long time afterwards. Even if we were being tossed around by turbulence and Maddy had fear popping out of her in giggles and smiles, she knew it was all going to be alright. Being in the right company does play a big part in that – like having me in the pilot seat ;) and it sure is true for all aspects of life.  In the time I got to know Maddy – she did not just share the back seat of my plane but also a coffee, while that very same deep rooted comforting rain poured down on all sides, all things that help to remove emotional barriers, believe me – I got to realise that this young lady has had far more of life than one would normally expect of someone her age.

We had a great chat about life and the universe – most often because I love such topics but also find joy in stretching those young minds into these more serious realms of life. Of course by now I’m more than qualified to say that too. It also qualifies me to say that Maddy is there, at the start of her real, adult life, on the mend, physically and emotionally – the bad habit of smoking being kicked and her heart on the mend. (Yup you guessed it, the end of a very bad relationship). And as much as it pains me to see these things in young people, there is also pleasure – knowing that these things are what form you, gives you personality and character, builds wisdom and wrinkles and attractiveness.( OK, the last bit is just for me – nothing is as boring as a perfect unblemished baby face! ;)

Of course there are things that I have come to recognise as awesome qualities in a person, the kind of thing you should never settle without, like the ability to be happy no matter what and having a sense of humour. Maddy is like that, which if you get to know her is rather remarkable – not that I would want to divulge information of a more personal nature here. Let’s just say, I am very fond of Maddy. She is a good woman. (Remember that movie?)

So sailing across these cottoned textured clouds while being tossed around in turbulence builds a bond, whether one is aware of that or not does not matter but these exposures to the rawness of life brings a certain revelation to one’s purpose.., well to me anyway. :) And who knows, perhaps Maddy might have taken something to that effect with her too, even if it was just to show that there are healthy things in life you can do, that makes you forget about everything else.

This is Maddy in the back seat – making the most of the view, the turbulence and the company.

Wish you were here!

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