Monday, September 24, 2012

The truth shall set you free...

Savi and I at 6000ft over Beau Vallon bay - pure bliss!

I am struck by the paradox of two popular sayings – ignorance is bliss and the truth shall set you free. If ignorance is bliss then does that mean knowing the truth leads to some realm that is not blissful? And then knowing the truth will set you free of what exactly? Ignorance?

To find the real truth about these sayings you need to go to the source, where these saying originated. (A really great story behind them – I encourage you to look them up :)

The south westerly winds have moved in over the islands of Seychelles. These winds are not known for their pilot friendliness. In fact I have had some of my most interesting flying experiences with this particular breath of air – that it has its origin from a dragon I can vouch for first hand.

Today Neil is up there flying. (Thank God it is not my turn! ;) But this morning I could read the signs and knew what was in store. Neil on the other hand thought it a great day and was blissfully unaware of the turbulence the subtle shift in wind direction brings.

On our spiral descent. The wind is coming right at you. (Yes, from out of the picture towards you. :)

Last night I happily showed him the landing footage of yesterday’s flight. (Yesterday the wind had already started veering towards the south west.)
“Hey Neil… Check this out!” My voice carried a bit of pride – not for the accomplishments of the flight but just for the fact of having captured a few rock and roll moments on camera – as pilots it’s always a thrill to watch these from the ground.
“See where I spiraled down? It provides the path of least amount of turbulence…” I said while I could not help notice a raised eyebrow from Neil. There was just a slight shift in the tone of his voice too.
“I would never have known to do that…” I could sense a tiny bit of trepidation of ever having to fly in similar conditions.
“Savi loved the spiral dive” I added. “He said it reminded him of his tandem sky-dive…” Of course at that stage in the flight I on the other hand did not think of sky-diving – though the thought of free falling was probably somewhere in my mind I can assure you it had nothing to do with sky-diving! For Savi this was the most exciting part of the flight – me too of course but for very different reasons. Afterwards, on the way home as I pointed out some swaying trees to him I said “Savi, if we were up there in our little orange plane we both would be screaming for our mommy…” While listening to his laughter I was entertaining thoughts of dying.

This morning when Neil left for the airport I wondered if I should have told him about all my turbulence secrets – a kind of aerial survival guide. “Ag, I will make a decision when I get to the airport…” He said while his dry mouth forced a slow, laborious swallow.

The truth shall set you free from bliss alright!
Wish you were here!

After the flight. Savi and I - happy for different reasons!

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