Thursday, September 20, 2012

The interns…

There are six newbies to our program – three men and three ladies. They share the MCSS staff house right next to the MCSS office. It is a great place (See previous posts). Perched on the rocks adjacent to the ocean, the views, especially at sunset are absolutely idyllic. I recall many days of sipping a glass of red while admiring the setting sun over the water – truly memorable moments. Of course the newbies have found their own routines too, some which also include watching the sunsets as evident by the copious amounts of cigarette butts in a sea shell astray at the view point. This (and clothes heaped on a pile), epitomizes the typical lifestyle of students at this stage – a time when health is not high on or even part of the priority list of life.

 Amanda, Maddy and Jozefine.

Of course, not all of them are students. John and Amanda are probably more experienced at this thing called life. Amanda is from the UK and a Chiropractor – her hobby being marine biology and sharks. She has taken a 6 month sabbatical from her career and seems to be thoroughly enjoying her time here.

John on the back of the pick-up.

I have not had a good chat with John just yet, but judging from his lack of presence during the evening party sessions I can only conclude that by this stage he too has found that drinking and partying all night is not a good thing for the human body!

But Jozefine, Maddy, Savi and Ross are just full of youth.

These four have been up on the micro-light with me so I have managed to get to know them a little bit better. As you know I treasure these moments.

Jozefine is a biology teacher from Belgium. We spend a lot of time chatting in our home languages with one another, which is weird. It’s like there is some unseen Star Trek voice translator that allows you to hear this strange tong but oddly you can understand it! Flemish is so much like Afrikaans!

Savi, is French but with a very strong America accent. He has lived in the US for 19 years and just recently moved to France for the sake of his mom who is quite ill. No doubt that this is weighing heavily on his mind, even if he does not show it openly. Even if he is the smallest of the interns his voice project otherwise – his radio transmissions are LARGE, if you get my meaning. :)

Maddy, of course needs no introduction. (See previous post) In fact, we met last season. She was doing her Dive Masters with the Underwater Centre and lived in the flat next to ours.

Ross, 24, from the US, is a mechanical engineer and fresh out of Uni. He is quite the intelligent young man, intent on traveling, doing a lot of diving and out just to enjoy life for now. Oddly, he doubts he will ever work in the engineering line. He does have an unusual talent though – impressive culinary skills. He has promised to show us how to produce a serious chocolate fudge with the microwave! (On the first social evening at David’s house for the crew I overdosed on these little double chocolate delights!).

They are a great bunch. Now if only the weather (and the sharks!) will play ball!

Wish you were here!


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