Saturday, September 1, 2012

They are here..!

Just a quick update. At 6 this morning I collected Neil at the airport. Neil is our second pilot who will be helping us out with the flying duties – yes it all gets a bit much for just one pilot. Of course we have all been saying that when Neil arrives everything is going to change. He is a good guy and our luck is bound to be different. So we all thought. Given the weather and lack of sharks we certainly were willing to try anything.
Well, Neil and I had a quick coffee, bit of a catch-up and then headed to the airport to have a look. The wind was still pretty strong but I deemed it doable. Now, two years ago Neil was one of the pilots for the season so it is not like he does not know what is going on.
“It looks fine Neil, the wind is not that strong so it will be good.” I said only to be greeted with these big eyes staring right back at me before he dryly replied, “Are you kidding? It’s howling up there!”

Well, Neil is getting used to the wind again.

We had a great flight in the morning and we thought we saw a whale shark. It was swimming in very deep water over a white sandy bottom and before we could get a good look it had disappeared over onto a rocky patch. It was a whale shark or just a big other shark – we just could not be sure.
In the afternoon David decides to send out the boat with the interns only – they really needed to see a whale shark before any clients did. It was a tough call since we had to cancel a boat full of clients – A safe call.
Of course we find 4 whale sharks in the Conception channel for the afternoon. The interns are over the moon so everybody is in a very happy mood.

It is kind of cool to start the season, 1st of September (Start of spring!) on such a good note.
Talk about a good note. I have to mention that today is my parents’ 50th anniversary – now that’s cool! :)))))))

Mom, Dad, well done and to be honest..,

I wish I was there!