Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shark news...

12 Sep. 13
I have a good feeling about this year. So far the season has been great. We have seen sharks on almost every flight we have done and every time the boat has gone out they have had good encounters. The last three days the weather has been a bit disappointing though. Flying has been difficult and Dirk has managed to pick up some good decision making experience along the way. Unfortunately the seas have been too rough for the boats to go out. Today the wind averaged around 22
knots with gusts close to 30 – the very limits of our operating weather window – but Dirk did excellent. He saw 6 whale sharks even if the weather limited him to survey only the southern parts of the island. He did mention that he had a thorough workout in keeping the wings level while on the ground. ;)
Tomorrow is my turn to fly and as I write the rain is pouring down. I do see some hope in the Windguru reports. Time will tell…
Wish you were here!


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