Friday, September 27, 2013

Time and the speed of light not constant?

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Makes sense to me.. ;)

What a cliché to say that “time sure flies when you are having fun!” But every now and then I get glimpses of the hidden truth behind these often quoted but seldom fully understood idioms. The amount of time I spend up in the sky, looking down on the earth provides a very different perspective on life. It is very much a matter of being hoisted above our usual two dimensional living while being afforded a three dimensional glimpse of the life we live. Looking down and “into” our world really opens the mind to contemplating the meaning of it all. Of course it is no secret that this perspective has convinced me of the existence of a Master Creator and even now, after thousands of hours and many years of being offered this “three dimensional glimpse” of life I honestly just don’t get how people can miss that.

It is a mystery to me.

Of course I know too that we live in a four dimensional world but few are aware of that – mostly it is exactly as I described it.

But coming back to the idea of “time flies when you have fun” concept. I managed to get an interesting little video clip of the Seychelles barred-ground-dove. These little doves are actually really cute and found everywhere around these islands. They have the sweetest call, though personally I think they do not possess much between the eyes if you get my meaning. ;) Look at this interesting photograph I lifted off from the video clip. Notice the view of the wings versus the shadow of the wings. Is this an optical illusion? Does it point to the differences between the speed of light – that the light reaching the camera from the bird is slightly different to that reaching the camera from the shadow of the bird? Or is there another explanation?
To me it certainly puts me even more in awe of how our world operates – down to the most intricate but perfectly designed complexities!

Wish you were here!



  1. Amazing! And you're so right....How can anyone deny the fact that there is a Creator when faced with His magnificent creation!

  2. It is easy Gail. Unfortunately people carry with them prejudice of school and other education systems that are very bias towards macro-evolution. So you have been brainwashed before being presented with truths. (I was actually one of them so no need to try the reverse psychology trick on me! - that's for the obvious comments that might follow from the evolutionists! ;)))

  3. BTW: Thanks to CJ, (who else!? ;) pointed out that this is "most probably" (of course it is! :) a rolling shutter artifact from the GoPro camera I am using. We see it all the time in the distortions from the propellers but the dove pic certainly is more magical. :)
    Here is the link he posted me.