Friday, February 26, 2010

26 Feb

Another long and hard day. Up at 5 and 5 hours training. Teaching people to fly sure is a tough job...

The sun stroked the high clouds with dashes of pink, eluding the presence of some over development in places but it was still too dark to see clearly. When we arrived at the airport I could see there was some rain falling out to the north east but the wind was light and we had at least an hour or two of flying time. I manged to coax Fred into the early morning session, which was tough. He is the only one on board with a girlfriend and I could see he did not like the idea of being pried away from those lovely comforting arms in the early hours of the morning, especially for the stress of having to land and not dying. In the beginning Fred did his best to try and kill us on a number of occasions. In fact even now he reminds the two of us of that hidden tendency lurking in that muddled student brain. It is the kind of lurking that keep us flight instructors pondering the wonders of desk jobs... But for some inexplicable reason we keep doing it. (Maybe because we need the money!;)

And so it is with John and Fred. That lurking killer. Ever present. Making us work for our money. That is why I am, once again, so tired. Or it could just be the 5 o clock starts. ;)

We got grounded 3 times during the day because of CB cells. They were moving in from the North East and very well marked so we could judge it well when to quite and go and land. One actually had a weak gust front that made the students take note. I guess all good in the training process. At lunch time one large cell was overhead the island and rumbled away in deep resonating pleasure. We were starving and since we were heading to the ship for some of Evelyn's great meals it all sounded good.

Tommorrow is another fiver for me and John. I hope to see some more progress. (It has been there but slow in coming. ;) Guess then it is time to turn in...

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