Monday, February 15, 2010

We move...

16 Feb...
So we have moved to guess where? The grand SOS ship. Michael loves it. I dig it. Michael likes the internet. I like the food. (Mike likes the food too :) And there are people. The ship’s crew is great. Eight of them. There were four that we were supposed to train but Ben got really sick. To the point that he has been flown out to Nairobi for treatment. (Though we think that from Seychelles to Nairobi is not much different. I come from Africa and know…) he developed severe headaches. He is under going scans to look for possible brain hemorrhages. We are all praying for him.

But that leaves a spot open for the rest of the crew to learn to fly. The trick is to select one. We are going to start the process this afternoon. For the morning I will be taking up Fred and Mike will be taking Mick. Yesterday Mick had a scary flight. Today he wants to make sure he can get over it. (The float plane gave him a bit of a scare – it was the high siding thing that got him. To steep right turn and the prop torque and thrust line just about over rides your high siding input. One needs to watch the steep right turns with full power… I had John in the front seat and he did great.) So far they are all showing great flight potential which helps to make our job easier.

My cabin on the ship is pretty cool. It is of course small by land standards (Typical of ships) and I have had a lot of de javue experiences – all from my stint in the Navy and time spent on ships. It is of course a long time ago (20 years!) so the feelings are from a far off dream. (It certainly does not feel like yesterday!) The cabin has two bunk beds. I slept in the bottom one (no one else there) and the bathroom is an sweet (I am sure it is not spelled like that and this spell checker is not picking it up but I am sure you know what I mean!;) No lux bath, just a shower of course. It is all very comfortable and I like it. If there is one thing I could complain about it is that there is absolutely no cupboard space. So I am living out of my suit case. O, and a great plus is that my cabin is right next to the laundry – the scent of softener comforts the nostrils and psyche (well for me at least;)

OK, its time to go fly. Will chat later this evening.
Wish you where here!

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