Saturday, February 27, 2010

The boys go solo...

(John and I in the air the day before his solo flight. My beloclava is the best sunblock and the only thing that works!) Also the two happy faces of Mick (front seat) after his first solo and Mike equally happy.)
There is always something special about a solo flight. That triumph of man over machine, the sweet taste of victory after weeks of disciplined training - it is something that few understand and fewer still experience for themselves. The sacrifice two new pilots have made to join the rank of those that can justifiably look down upon those that have never gone solo, though big has been well worth it, especially looking at their faces. Mick the SOS Capt did his first solo flight day before yesterday. Then John followed with a solid performance yesterday (27th Feb). Well done and congratulations! (Could this be the start of the SOS Air Wing Division?)

Today we are going to see if Fred can get there. He has been struggling a bit with those landing, which is the most difficult part of flight. Looking at the CCTV monitors the weather seems fine and the only excuse left must be his lovey girlfriend Maria. (I would be distracted too Fred! ;)

Mixed in with this sense of joy is some nostalgia. Our time on board the ship is coming to an end. Two weeks of mingling it up with the crew and they in turn having made us feel like part of the family makes it hard to say good buy. We got a SOS ships T-shirt which is cool. (The crew members wear them all the time). We will miss this time and the new friends we have made. Of course life on the island is just like that - people come and go. On the other hand, I am also so ready to go home too - I can not wait for that familiarity of my own bed! I start my journey home on Monday at lunchtime. It is going to be a long trip since this time round I fly to Mauritius first before connecting to Jhb. The end result is that I will only arrive back in Grg on Tuesday the 2nd (it must be the longest trip ever from Sez to SA!) Naturally I think it is worth it...

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